The CatRock Lodge is the physical hub of our organization and proudly makes its home in the Kingsbridge neighborhood of the West Bronx.

The Lodge offers students a safe and adult supervised gathering place for workshops, pre and post-trip meetings, homework help and socialization.

Initially, the Lodge was a dilapidated laundromat. Through support from the building’s landlord, community volunteers, parents and students we rebuilt the space to feel like an outdoor cabin in the middle of the Bronx. It transformed from an eyesore into an inspiring and safe place to learn and recharge. An amazing organization called Publicolor helped us paint the space with vibrant colors after it was rebuilt. The Lodge was completed in 2018 and is equipped with laptops, desktop computers, printers, scanners, updated software and high-speed internet access so students can come to the Lodge to do their homework, work on projects and study.

Most of our programs use the lodge as a base of operations.

The CatRock Lodge is located at:

2876 Claflin Avenue
Bronx, NY 10468