The Adventure Makerspace & Design Lab is a unique makerspace program where students repair, design and help produce their own outdoor gear using both high-tech and low-tech tools such as computers, 3D printers, and sewing machines.

Students learn the basics of repair and design in order to keep their clothing and outdoor gear functioning longer to help support the environment by cutting down on consumption. They also learn how to repurpose used gear reinforcing their role in the environmental sustainability movement.

The Adventure Makerspace & Design Lab programs are ongoing as we are always producing items for our own trips as well as looking for new projects to benefit others and their communities. We also sell items we create with our students, partners, and volunteers to help raise funds for our the programs.

A recent community Makerspace event was in partnership with Patagonia. Our students took a repair course at the Patagonia Bowery store in Manhattan and were then given lightly worn or damaged outerwear garments to take up to the Lab at CatRock Ventures to repair.  Students packed the Makerspace and supported each other in patching these jackets and outerwear. Each student was able to repair one item as a holiday gift for a family member and one item for themselves.